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The Citizens Daily FiX Online Newsletter

Internet Advertising Competition
Format: Online Newsletter campaign
Industry Category: Bank, Financial Services

Summary of Work

The Challenge

Growth in global trade makes the $5 trillion-a-day foreign exchange (FX) currency market highly attractive. Many banks produce newsletters on FX for currency traders both to showcase their knowledge and inform their clients. Publications tend to be dense, lengthy and static, as coverage of all currencies traded is typical. Yet, most clients are active in only a few currency markets — making much of the content irrelevant and reducing the perceived value and real marketing impact.

To produce these newsletters, detailed content, rates, indicators and charts must be integrated from individual experts. Production timelines are often extended, reducing the timeliness and value of information.

The Solution

To address these issues, EMI developed an innovative customized online newsletter which enables:

The Benefits

This breakthrough solution has set Citizens FX apart from the competitive pack, delivering a memorable FX online newsletter that is personalized at the individual level and scalable to tens of thousands of prospects and clients.

The Results

Launched in January 2017, subscriptions have soared through high-impact email marketing campaigns, LinkedIn promotion and viral referrals. This new marketing solution has already delivered a measurable impact on both client satisfaction and market share growth.

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Sample: Canadian Dollar, Euro & Mexican Peso

Sample: British Pound, Chinese Offshore Yuan & Japanese Yen